DSG and S-Tronic Tuningfiles

Tuningfiles for VAG Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen cars with DSG and S-Tronic gearboxes.

Very special: most of the files are offered in .frf or .sgo format! That alows you to write them via OBD with tools like VCP System, ODIS-E or others with sgo/frf flash function, like CMD etc.

Big advantage: no need to read out the TCU with direct connection harness.

sgo/frf tcu2bin and bin2tcu conversions are offered separately on request for your own tunes. Currently available:

  • Temic MB DQ200 0CW
  • Temic MQB DQ200 G2 0CW
  • Temic MQB DQ250 0D9
  • Temic DL501 (Gen 1 & 2)
  • Temic DQ400 (0DD)
  • Bosch DQ500 0DL
  • Bosch DQ380 0DE / DQ381 0GC
  • Continental DQ500 0BT / 0BH
  • Conti / Temic DQL382 (Gen 1)
  • CVT VL381 0AW
  • ZF AL450 / AL551 / AL951

Some files are also offered in .bin format, please check what tool to use in description. Let us know if you need something else, we have a huge range of DSG files, ori’s, tunes, conversions, flashfiles etc.